Express The Deepest Feelings Through Words. Shayari lets you explain sentiments in all their forms through rhythmic words. Sher-O-Shayari Collection in Hindi and Urdu languages based on every emotion and theme.

The home of urdu poetry and nazms from famous poets like Ahmad Faraz, Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed, Mohsin Naqvi, Pervin Shakir, Wasi Shah. Over 5000 poems categorised.

Shayari is used to convey the sentiment of love. Beautifully written and narrated Shers makes it easy for a lover to pour his or her heart in front of the lover. One of the most cherished forms of Shayari is done through romanticized verses. So much is the power in this form that it becomes soul stirring for those who hear it.

Shayari is a loveable language among lovers because it also helps in healing the pain of broken heart and mold it easily from the nature of sadness.

The funnier aspect can help to bring out people from dark and enlighten their mood.

A good verse plays a role of fresh air in the daily life of the person who hears it often and keeps the mind and heart enlightened.

Shayari also bonds the heart of people and connect them into distinctive intimacy and interdependence.

Whatever the mood is Romantic, Sad, Frustrated, Emotional, Heart breaking or looking for Friendship, Dard You will find all kind of shayaris to fit in.
Features of the App:
★ Quickly browse categories as per the mood.
★ Widget Support. Add widget and read sher of the day everyday.
★ Copy for sharing into other applications.
★ Set bookmarks and Option to quickly browse bookmarks
★ Holo Android Theme
★ Supports Free Sms Gateway India


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