Seven soldier killed in ambush Northwest Pakistan

Seven soldiers were  killed in an ambush in Northwest Pakistan

Now at least seven soldiers have been killed in an ambush near the Afghan border in Kaywood, Papua, a former stronghold of the terror group Pakistani tell Taliban now according to the Pakistan military.

One of its convoys was targeted near the Afghan border, triggering an intense gunfight.

Total soldiers killed in Pakistan

7 soldiers and four members of the armed group were eventually killed in the incident it took place in Cabot pattern was not a visitors’ stand district. although no one has claimed responsibility yet. Authorities suggest that the attack was likely carried out by the Pakistani Taliban, also known as the territory Taliban Pakistan.

The Islamic State group’s regional affiliate, which has a presence in the area, is also under the suspicion radar. Friday’s attack came just a day after Pakistan’s military had said that they have killed nearly 30 terrorists in the region since January this year.

Pakistan’s newly elected prime minister sheriff took to Twitter to condemn the attack, saying that the martyrdom of soldiers will not go in vain. Those separate due to ideologies, the Afghan Taliban and the ttp are close allies over the years,

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Members of the Pakistani Taliban had sought refuge across the border in Afghanistan to escape from authorities before the Afghan Taliban returned last year.
Carbon Islamabad often traded blames, accusing each other of sheltering terrorists in their territories.

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